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As a Cocoonut's partner, you can be an investor, a landlord or a real estate developer. What gathers you all is that you believe in our vision. That's why we take care of you and your resources. At Cocoonut, we don't have clients nor providers. We only have partners and members. We want those relationships to be sustainable.

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    Define your needs together

    You have a big house or building and want to boost its performance? We take stock of your personal goals and your investment project. Our design expertise can ensure your future project is optimized for marketability and durability.

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    We revamp your property

    Thanks to our skills in new unit typologies, such as coliving and rentals designed to accommodate remote work. Through smart design and skilled operations of dense units, Cocoonut buildings achieve a higher rent per square foot than typical multifamily buildings.
    Our architects optimize plans for rental. Then we take care of all the management of works and furniture equipment for rental.

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    Property Management

    Our approach to property management integrates the latest consumer technologies, including automated lease renewals and a smart ticket routing and resolution system. These improvements reduce building operating expenses. We take care of the rental management of your property. You can just enjoy the return on a rental investment with peace of mind, we take care of everything!

    I have a property

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Investors and Property Owners

We provide landlords with higher and longer term recurring cash flows while taking care of their properties and help them save time


We gather like minded people. This authentic community atmosphere is what gives coliving such a draw, leading to high retention and low vacancy.


Our on site dedicated house manager handle leasing & maintenance, customer service, while increasing the visibility you have on your tenants. Our excellent design and furniture is how we shape beautiful homes at an exceptional value.


We handle all aspects of maintenance, administration and our house manager ensures that you have tenants living in your rental property who will respect your rental. Visit your property whenever you want to check!



We provide cities with a potential answer to the challenging residential market Luxembourg is currently facing.


In a poll conducted in 4Q18 in Luxembourg, 44% of respondents considered "housing and the housing market" as the most decisive issue they had to face.


Cities with a strong presence of soft factors are generally more attractive than others. All the events we will hold within our properties will ensure new comers and locals to visit and be willing to live in the city.


About 70% of commuters drive alone to work. Our properties are located near to major transport hubs and within close proximity to a key employment precincts so that our tenants favor alternative transport methods which eases the congestion on the roads


HR Business Partners

We assist HR Business Partners to optimize recruiting attractiveness while smoothly settling their freshly hired employees. We deliver a turnkey solution which will get them rid of all the constraints they face.


House hunting in a country that most of your future employees don’t know can be tough.Providing them with a wide panel of services and offering the right level of comfort is a key argument.


While recruiting new comers, part of your process consists in managing the administrative burden or at least deal with the stress your employees face to. We guide your employees through the process and ensure a smooth settle.


While being more flexible and convenient than renting a flat, we offer your employees a connected life with likeminded people so that they can experience different cultures, and enjoy the community during their stay.

Ready to be part of the story?

We believe that real community emerges organically. To invite the conditions for authentic culture to arise, we are looking for property owners who need to truly believe in coliving and must be willing to assume a pioneer role.
Our purpose is to onboard you in a new, trendy and meaningful adventure. If that is you, let’s have a talk!